Whatever your design, we’ll make it stick.


From brown paper stickers to transparent vinyl ones with translucent ink, make a clear custom stickers for any reason appropriate here. Attempt on some other cool advantages like custom shapes, reflective or hologram effects and even an extra-strong adhesive option that’ll last longer than any car it’s attached to. Completion undertakings come either in a kick the bucket cut stack or a helpful roll.
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Can I get a physical sample before full production?

Zaib. has a motive of creating a bond between its customers and it self by trusting with the service that is being provided. So, to do that currently Zaib. does not provide physical samples but in return gives out the actual pictures of the product for your approvals just for free. At the moment, Zaib. can ship samples from an actual run, but this will entail a minimal fee in addition to a longer shipping period.

Product Usage

Are your stickers waterproof? Weatherproof? Outdoor-use ready?

Our vinyl stickers are the most water and weather proof and best-suited for outdoor usage. In addition, all vinyl stickers are laminated to resist fading from exposure to the sun. Our standard adhesive is suitable for outdoor use, and can be removed with a common solution if need be. We also offer a “permanent adhesive” option, which is truly permanent.

Our metallic, hologram, and clear stickers are also suitable for outdoor use, with their own protective laminates and strong adhesives. The most rugged, however, is still our vinyl option.

Our craft paper stickers (and other paper stickers) are for indoor use in dry settings only.


Can I make any shape i want?

Obvious answer would be yes! We are capable of making anything related to Stickers. Sky is our Limit! Just send your creative assistant, to find out how we make our chances positive.

I have a photograph. Can you make it into a sticker?

Not a problem. For photos, we recommend printing only on white sticker materials, like our durable vinyl stickers. Clear stickers can also print photographs well, but the eventual surface will of course determine how well your photo turns out. The properties and colors of other specialty materials make it difficult to maintain photographic-quality colors, so we advise only black or dark/bold colors for metallic, hologram, and craft stickers.

In order to prevent fuzzy or unclear prints, the photograph or artwork must be a high-resolution JPEG, TIFF, AI or PSD file above 300 DPI. If you are unable to provide a high resolution photograph digital image meeting this specification, we cannot recommend printing a photograph onto your stickers.

For full-color digital printing of designs that are not photographs but have many colors and/or color gradients – like logos or artwork – we still suggest that you provide a hi-resolution digital image meeting the above requirements. Our design team can provide complimentary assistance in in digitizing/vectorizing these images. Occasionally this process will add to your turnaround time.

Can you add text or letters onto my stickers?

Of course! For best legibility, please make sure your letters are at least 1/8th of an inch tall.

Can you make stickers bigger than 12×12 inches?

Obvious answer would be yes! our popular vinyl stickers can be printed up to a gigantic 52 x 52 inches, and other specialty materials can be printed up to 10 x 10 inches — still rather sizable.

Do you have specific artwork requirements that I need to submit?

If you want have a photo you want made into a sticker, please provide the photo at 300 dpi (dots per square inch) and at a size as large of the actual print area.

Can I do different colors of the same item and still get the order for the same price?

Yes. Most often our prices stay the same as our quality does. We don’t tend to despair our customers with small issues. However, there might be slight change only when your selecting different styles and special colors, but your creative specialist will always configure order in the most economical way possible.

Can you ship my stickers on the roll?

Certainly. This option will require a large enough order quantities and sticker size to accommodate a roll, and may increase turnaround time and shipping cost.


How do you price your hang tags?

Custom made stickers, is the main focus of Zaib. to give its customers the idealized gift for what they acquire, some can be idealized as Quantity, Stylistic add-ons, size and desired turnaround time. Our most well equipped sales representatives can provide you with the best prices for your product while creating innovative ideas when in the mid process of understanding both mindsets, and quoting on the basis of its analysis the best prices a customer can get. Happy Hunting!


Do you have a minimum order quantity for hang tags?

We don’t have No! For an answer. If you’re looking for that. We suppose, were the only few folks who have the tendency to fulfill what is required. But, if your still stuck in the process of troubleshooting with your orders. We can be at your assistance providing with the optimum cost for any order you make refraining away from the amount of order you have. That’s just because we spread the cost of uniqueness of custom stickers set-up across however man that your order.

If you want something of true value and honor, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.

What is the difference between die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, and sticker sheets?

Let’s take it one by one:

Die cut – individually contour-cut around your design for a sticker that resembles your logo’s or your image’s outline.
Kiss cut – a special cut around your design leaving a small gap in the paper around the sticker, making it easier to peel off with short fingernails. You have the choice to keep the sticker layer on the excess border, or we can remove it for you, and only leave the backing layer.
Sticker sheets – feature multiple contour-cut stickers on a blank or designed sheet, allowing you to group stickers or place explanatory writing or graphics around them.


How long will it take to ship my finished patch?

Shipping hinges primarily on your location, but we can use expedited services to ensure that your delivery meets your deadline. If you have one, please tell your representative right away so we can work towards beating it.

Sales and Customer service

What happens when I request a quote?

Once we have your requisition, we provide a time of 24 hours to respond to your queries, not just because we lack in it, but to provide you with the best quotes we know you’re valuable to us.

What happens when I place an order?

Once you’re done with the process of placing the order our next step is to analyze your order in accordance to create the best sketch of what is actually going to be put in production, to do that our “technical mockup” team plays a vital role. The next process is to be put in production, while it is in process we intend to take all the measures in counter checking any issues last but not the least, we believe in lean production and delivery time. We just don’t believe in it but we also intend to follow the rules, by delivering the goodies to our customers on time. Simply! Just the way it should be done.

What should I know before placing an order with your company?

When our existing and future customers visit our web link for their convenience, we provide them with the best layout and guidance through our website, our website covers all the process and procedures for easy interface for our customers. We understand the type of information our customer would want, so we not only placed all the important information at your ease but also by bringing each and every step configurable by the customer itself.


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