Ever thought of having a bag with your store’s logo printed?


Our Paper Bags are among the strongest and hardest wearing bags on the market. All of the paper bags feature strong handles, quality print and solid glued seams. These bags can handle a considerable amount of weight and come in a large range of sizes that can be suited to any product.
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How do you price your paper bags?

Custom made paper bags, is the main focus of Zaib. to give its customers the idealized gift for what they acquire, some can be idealized as Quantity, Stylistic add-ons, size and desired turnaround time. Our most well equipped sales representatives can provide you with the best prices for your product while creating innovative ideas when in the mid process of understanding both mindsets, and quoting on the basis of its analysis the best prices a customer can get. Happy Hunting!


I have a favorite photograph. Can you print it on my paper bags?

Absolutely. We offer full-color CMYK printing (sometimes called “color magic”) to achieve photographic designs, or other designs with numerous colors and color gradients. Full-color CMYK printing is not available for all bag styles, however. Check the “imprint” description of your chosen bag under the “styles” tab on this page if it’s a listed option. Full-color printing in this style does incur an additional charge.

In order to prevent fuzzy or unclear prints, the photograph or artwork must be a high-resolution JPEG, TIFF, AI or PSD file above 300 DPI. If you are unable to provide a high resolution photograph digital image meeting this specification, we cannot recommend printing a photograph onto your shopping bags.

For full-color printing of designs that are not photographs but have many colors and/or color gradients – like logos or artwork – we still suggest that you provide a hi-resolution digital image meeting the above requirements. Our design team can provide complimentary assistance in in digitizing/vectorizing these images. Occasionally this process will add to your turnaround time.


How many colors can my design have?

Most paper bags that use plate printing or foil stamping that allows for up to five colors per side, but some bags can only do fewer.

Full-color CMYK printing will allow you to print designs with unlimited colors and color gradients; check your chosen style to see if we can do full-color printing on your bag.

Multiple-color printing may incur additional charges.


How big can my printed logo or design be?

Each bag we offer has unique dimensions, so the maximum imprint area depends on the bag style you choose. Click the image of the style you’re interested in, and check the description underneath to see the available bag measurements and its maximum imprint area.


Can I print on both sides of by paper bags?

Obvious answer would be yes! We welcome orders that with double-sided printing, and we can help you print unique designs on both sides — even with different color schemes. This will incur an additional charge.


What colors of paper do your shopping bags come in?

Some bags are only listed on one color, but many bags we offer have a unique set of paper material colors from which you can choose. Click the image button of the style you’re interested in.


Can I get a physical sample before full production?

Zaib. has a motive of creating a bond between its customers and it self by trusting with the service that is being provided. So, to do that currently Zaib. does not provide physical samples but in return gives out the actual pictures of the product for your approvals just for free. At the moment, Zaib. can ship samples from an actual run, but this will entail a minimal fee in addition to a longer shipping period.

I need a bigger/smaller bag than you offer. Can you make bags in other shapes/sizes?

Here we only list the most popular bag sizes and styles available. In reality, there are hundreds of bag styles we can manufacture. Let us know your unique specifications, including paper bag material, size, color, printing method, etc. We’ll respond with a list of options for you to look over.


What sizes do your bags come in?

Each bag we offer has unique dimensions that dictate the maximum imprint area. Click the image of the style you’re interested in, and check the description underneath to see the available bag measurements and their corresponding maximum imprint areas.

How thick is the paper material used to make your bags? And how durable is it?

We use GSM to measure the weight of paper material used for our paper shopping bags.

GSM is short for “grams per square meter”, and it is measure commonly used for paper weight. Heavier weights often mean thicker papers. 80 to 90 GSM is a typical office paper or inner-magazine weight. Our paper shopping bags are much stouter and range from 120 to 1200 GSM.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for paper bags?

We don’t have No! For an answer. If you’re looking for that. We suppose, were the only few folks who have the tendency to fulfill what is required. But, if your still stuck in the process of troubleshooting with your orders. We can be at your assistance providing with the optimum cost for any order you make refraining away from the amount of order you have. That’s just because we spread the cost of uniqueness of custom bag’s set-up across however man that your order.

If you want something of true value and honor, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.


How long will it take to ship my finished bag?

Shipping hinges primarily on your location, but we can use expedited services to ensure that your delivery meets your deadline. If you have one, please tell your representative right away so we can work towards beating it.

Sales and Customer service

What happens when i request a quote?

Once we have your requisition, we provide a time of 24 hours to respond to your queries, not just because we lack in it, but to provide you with the best quotes we know you’re valuable to us.

What happens when i place an order?

Once you’re done with the process of placing the order our next step is to analyze your order in accordance to create the best sketch of what is actually going to be put in production, to do that our “technical mockup” team plays a vital role. The next process is to be put in production, while it is in process we intend to take all the measures in counter checking any issues last but not the least, we believe in lean production and delivery time. We just don’t believe in it but we also intend to follow the rules, by delivering the goodies to our customers on time. Simply! Just the way it should be done.

What should i know before placing an order with your company?

When our existing and future customers visit our web link for their convenience, we provide them with the best layout and guidance through our website, our website covers all the process and procedures for easy interface for our customers. We understand the type of information our customer would want, so we not only placed all the important information at your ease but also by bringing each and every step configurable by the customer itself.


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