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Our bowties are tailor-made join Zaib. to Bond with custom bowties options like Jacquard weave on cotton or silk, full-length printing, heavy wide cuts or thinner skinny bowties, embroidered monograms to luxury labels. If you’re not into tying complex knots, we can make ours pre-tied with knots using the same fabric or a different one for contrast.
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Can you embroider my logo onto my Bowtie?

Yes, embroidery is something of a specialty of ours and available for both neckties and bow ties. For neckties, most customers choose to embroider their logo in one of two locations: midway along the tie, so that when worn it will fall just above where your blazer parts above the buttons, or near the bottom of the necktie in the center so as to be visible where your jacket parts below the buttons. For either of these options, we recommend you measure your favorite blazer with a tie to ensure accurate placement of logos.

For bow ties, customers often choose to embroider symmetrical designs so that the embroidered design achieves symmetry when knotted; however, we can do different designs on either side or just one design as you prefer. If you wish to spell a word out across the bow tie, we recommend lettering to be bold and over 5 mm tall, and mindfulness that the tie knot will somewhat bunch any writing.


How long will it take to ship my finished bowtie?

Shipping hinges primarily on your location, but we can use expedited services to ensure that your delivery meets your deadline. If you have one, please tell your representative right away so we can work towards beating it.

Sales and Customer service

What happens when I request a quote?

Once we have your requisition, we provide a time of 24 hours to respond to your queries, not just because we lack in it, but to provide you with the best quotes we know you’re valuable to us.

What happens when I place an order?

Once you’re done with the process of placing the order our next step is to analyze your order in accordance to create the best sketch of what is actually going to be put in production, to do that our “technical mockup” team plays a vital role. The next process is to be put in production, while it is in process we intend to take all the measures in counter checking any issues last but not the least, we believe in lean production and delivery time. We just don’t believe in it but we also intend to follow the rules, by delivering the goodies to our customers on time. Simply! Just the way it should be done.

What should I know before placing an order with your company?

When our existing and future customers visit our web link for their convenience, we provide them with the best layout and guidance through our website, our website covers all the process and procedures for easy interface for our customers. We understand the type of information our customer would want, so we not only placed all the important information at your ease but also by bringing each and every step configurable by the customer itself.


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